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[gn_spacer size=”10″] [gn_dropcap style=”1″]C[/gn_dropcap]hristian Challenge serves the colleges and universities in Wichita, Kansas. Challenge provides students with a place to come together to worship, fellowship, and engage in discipleship. The college years are pivotal and students are looking for answers. Decisions made at school will affect students for the rest of their lives. If college students can catch a vision for what Jesus is doing in the world, and really understand-down deep in their core–that God wants to use them in his plan of redemption for the world… well, that’s when transformation happens. We at Christian Challenge want to see students going hard after Jesus.


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Trace Kendrick, Director

Trace attended WSU from 2008-2014, earning both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Sport Management. He also ran cross country and track and field during his time at WSU. Trace considers his most significant takeaways from his time at Wichita State were a deepened relationship with God and my loving wife, Stephanie (Lillie). Trace began attending Christian Challenge at WSU in the spring of 2012, served as an intern for the 2013-14 school year, and is now embarking as the leader of Christian Challenge.

Trace shares about his work with Christian Challenge: “I am excited to see how God can use this ministry to impact students at Wichita State! I believe the college years are the some of the most influential years in a person’s life; a person decides what career to pursue and how to pursue it, who to date or marry, the importance of certain values, and how faith will play a role in the way they live. The university is heralded as a place of personal, professional and intellectual growth, all of which I support and encourage. But without spiritual growth, I believe all these things to be incomplete and unfulfilling. I desire to see students leave Wichita State as well-rounded, well-prepared, intelligent members of America’s work force with a deep understanding of who they are in relation to God.”


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Trace Kendrick, Director
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