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[gn_dropcap style=”1″]C[/gn_dropcap]hristian Challenge is more than a ministry, it’s a movement and EVERYONE is welcome. UNL Christian Challenge welcomes everyone to join them as they seek to see, know, and engage with the real God. Christian Challenge is organized toward its vision to be people that are living the Gospel upward, inward and outward on the UNL campus.

  • Second Friday Fusion gets everyone together every month or so.
  • EDGE groups are where students experience safe and honest community.
  • One On Ones are where students get personalized encouragement and direction.
  • And the Core Classes provide the intensive and intentional topical learning opportunities that help students to be mature in both thinking and feeling.


UNL Christian Challenge was pioneered some 40 years ago by Brett Yohn. A key over the years in the approach is to challenge students to live overcoming lives, not in fear of the culture, but in a principled and victorious lifestyle. The recent program encompassing this approach is Immovable Core. The video below provides a good overview of this program.

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Jeremy & Amber Pape

Jeremy has been on Challenge staff for seven years. Jeremy loves discipling students and all things music. Jeremy and Amber are pictured here with their two sons, Aidan and Dakota.[gn_spacer size=”40″]

University of Nebraska - Lincoln


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