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[gn_dropcap style=”1″]S[/gn_dropcap]alina Christian Challenge serves the students at a number of colleges in the Salina area. Every Thursday Challenge students gather to sing with the band then sit down and spend some time trying to better understand the magnitude and guidance of God in each of their lives.  Salina Challenge also has several small group Bible studies called LIFE Groups  that meet throughout the week at each group leader’s home and dig into different studies. Salina Challenge maintains an active web site with blogs, media, etc. in an additional effort to reach students around the area.

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[gn_frame align=”center”]Terry Baldwin[/gn_frame]

Terry Baldwin

Role in Challenge: Director, Speaker.
Day Job: Full-time staff at Christian Challenge Salina
Interests: My wife & daughters, Sports.
Interesting fact: PRO-LIFE, 2Chron7:14, Sports Nut, 2 Tim 2:23

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[gn_frame align=”center”]Lorie Baldwin[/gn_frame]

Lorie Baldwin

Role in Challenge: Prayer, Treasurer, Event Organizer.
Day Job: RN at Salina Regional Health Center and Mowery Clinic
Interests: Reading, Riding Bike, Walking, Family Time.
Interesting fact: Drove 2 hours round trip everyday to finish Nursing school.

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[gn_frame align=”center”]Shauna Henry[/gn_frame]

Shauna Henry

Role in Challenge: LIFE group leader, missions, worship team, video crew
Day Job: 6th grade teacher
Interests: running, biking, garden stuff, reading, new music, travel
Interesting fact: I want to live in China someday and I like all things Elton John.

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[gn_frame align=”center”]Logan Henry[/gn_frame]

Logan Henry

Role in Challenge: LIFE Group, speaker, tech
Day Job: Staff @ CCSALINA
Interests: LIFE Group, Coffee, Fall, Guitar, Bicycles, Photography
Interesting fact: Could listen to classical music all day.

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[gn_frame align=”center”]Aaron Kaufmann[/gn_frame]

Aaron Kaufmann

Role in Challenge: Worship, Men’s LIFE Group
Day Job: Product Engineer @ Geoprobe Systems
Interests: Skiing, Sports, Outdoors
Interesting fact: Has piloted Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.

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[gn_frame align=”center”]Nathan Peters[/gn_frame]

Nathan Peters

Role in Challenge: Audio/Video, Men’s LIFE Group
Day Job: Product Engineer @ Geoprobe Systems
Interests: Outdoors, creating, coffee, running
Interesting fact: A favorite activity is listening to old farmers in the coffee shop

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[gn_frame align=”center”]Shelly Peters[/gn_frame]

Shelly Peters

Role in Challenge: announcer, photographer, LIFE Group
Day Job: Radiation Therapist
Interests: anything outside, photography, and fixing up my house
Interesting fact: The first thing I learned to drive was a four-wheeler so instead of learning to drive a car I had to learn to steer with a wheel.


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[gn_spacer size=”10″]Salina Technical College
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