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[gn_spacer size=”10″][gn_dropcap style=”1″]C[/gn_dropcap]hristian Challenge is a campus ministry that reaches students and the community of Fort Hays State University (FHSU) in Hays, Kan. we cooperate with many local churches and believers. We seek students from all backgrounds and upbringings and strive to introduce them to the love and the work of Jesus, tell them what this means for our lives (salvation by grace through faith and a continual purpose now to tell others), and train them to study God’s word and grow in spiritual maturity. Though Christian Challenge is a nationwide name given to many different campus ministries and we work together with many of them, each campus functions as it’s own entity and networks, fundraises, and somewhat affiliates as it sees fit.

We were founded in 1994 by two individuals, one of whom, Carin Cochran, is still our director to this day. They followed a calling proposed to them for this campus in Kansas which, at the time, had no godly spiritual influences (structurally) at work. God has been at work since ’94, and going from a group of few students who just played cards in the union and studied their Bibles the first couple years, in 2011 we switched our Tuesday night Challenge to meeting in two services because we outgrew our space and couldn’t seat 250 college students anywhere except on the floor. Our BLT team is now yearly averaging about fifty-six students, our Core team has twelve students, and we continually have a staff that oversees the five different teams of our ministry and the overall functions of our organization.


[gn_tabs style=”1″][gn_tab title=”Challenge”]The Challenge team is a small team that organizes and plans the majority of details concerning our large group gathering (Challenge) on Tuesdays, as well as handles on-campus promotions. Challenge is our “open door” to becoming involved in what we do, and so we maintain a high standard of quality for this meeting time. The team seeks to fulfill three main goals: Real worship happens. Truth is spoken. People feel loved and connected.[/gn_tab] [gn_tab title=”Vision Groups”]We consider Vision Groups our front line of ministry’s spiritual battle on campus. The student leaders train and fellowship with each other during the entire spring semester, and in the fall semester they hit the campus full force to greet and welcome students and form relationships with primarily freshmen and transfer students. We then offer small groups (thus the name of the team) that our lead by these fellow student leaders and walk with the newcomers through a study of the basics for Christians that we call “What We Believe and Why.”[/gn_tab] [gn_tab title=”Worship”]This team is comprised of our musicians and tech-folk that lead us in singing, scripture reading, and occasionally other creative arts such as painting, special music, skits, etc. They work closely with the Challenge Team as they seek to usher the attenders on Tuesday nights into a place prepared to receive the word in worship as it is proclaimed and leave to worship throughout the week in their daily lives. We are blessed to have amazing students that live out worship in the every day lives and bring such talent and skill to the organization that it makes the choices for filling the roles on this team very difficult each year. We’ve got quality worship happening.[/gn_tab] [gn_tab title=”Men’s & Women’s”]These teams exist with basically the same functions, just, for opposite genders. We believe man and woman are created for each other and compliment each other, but do have different needs, and thus we do work together on many events and ideas, but we separate when it comes to ministering to and meeting the needs of the specific genders. These teams are, in a way, the follow up to Vision Groups and we constantly offer small groups and bible studies, training opportunities, service opportunities, fun events, times for relaxation, and more. We expand as our large group expands and we strive to offer creative and necessary means to meet the needs of our community as God provides and reveals those to us. As we always say, we seek to live “life on life” with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and assist each other in becoming mature and devoted followers of Jesus Christ. [/gn_tab] [gn_tab title=”Special”]We then also, as mentioned, offer summer teams that travel overseas and locally to do missions work, and we have worked to offer a summer “program” for people who stick around the community as well. The summer program has been a work I’ve been developing for quite some time now and is known as DENY. DENY is a disciple training group for not just learning more about Jesus and the Bible, but also putting these things into action in our present culture and times. You can find more information on DENY by visiting our Facebook Page at [/gn_tab][/gn_tabs]


For our annual Spring Show we do, we put together some interviews from some students on our Core Team to talk about the separate BLT teams they are on, what those teams do, and how those have impacted their lives. We’ve got some great student leaders! So thankful!

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Here is a recap of our first ever bi-annual Boot Camp event held in spring 2012 and featuring “Extraction.”
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Carin Cochran

Carin Cochran is one of the founders of Christian Challenge at FHSU and serves as the current director. Carin serves as a ministry outreach of the Central Baptist Association.


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Michael Blumhorst

I have been with Christian Challenge since 2007 to reach students here at FHSU. I am currently leading our challenge team. Primarily there are 3 ways you can support me and this work: 1) Pray for me, our staff, our students; 2) Partner with me in brainstorming, strategizing, encouraging; 3) Participate in my team of supporters. These three are essential parts to God’s work being done here. Please consider joining me as I seek to reach students on this campus!


Eleasha Tryon

Cassie Wolf

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Christian Challenge Upcoming Events (published at FHSU)


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