Coffeyville Community College

[gn_dropcap style=”1″]C[/gn_dropcap]hristian Challenge at Coffeyville Community College faces the unique dynamics of a commuter college. There is a high degree of turnover among the students that Challenge is reaching each year. Some stay for two years, others for one, and others for just a few months. So each semester, it’s almost like beginning anew.

Christian Challenge at Coffeyville meets on a weekly basis at the school for an hour-long story-oriented / application Bible Study. It is through searching and seeking that students discover biblical truth and the Gospel. “It might be faster to just tell them,” says Teri Robinson, co-director, “But it isn’t better. It sticks this way!”

In addition to the weekly general meeting, there are several small Bible study groups that meet. The Robinsons also invite students over to their home on Sundays for some rest and relaxation with games in the evening.


[gn_frame align=”left”] Jim & Teri[/gn_frame]

Jim & Teri Robinson

Jim and Teri Robinson attended Pittsburg State and participated in Christian Challenge (or Baptist Student Union as it was then called) under Dave Bartow. Jim moved to Coffeyville in 1978 and started working with students on campus immediately. Since then Jimand Teri have been active in student ministry at Coffeyville, with a little lighter touch during the years when they had children at home.



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Christian Challenge at Coffeyville
Mailing Address:
1002 W. First
Coffeyville, KS 67337
Phone: (620) 515-1555