Cloud County Community College


[gn_dropcap style=”1″]C[/gn_dropcap]hallenge is a positive outlet for area college aged men and women. We come together each week to worship Jesus, fellowship with people of faith and people who are seeking God’s truth. It is a great venue for growing deeper and stronger in our faith. It is also an outreach to all college aged people of Cloud County. We strive to maintain an inviting and comfortable environment where everyone is encouraged to seek God.


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[gn_frame align=”center”]Matthew Carder[/gn_frame]

Matthew Carder

Role in Challenge: Speaker, Website manager
Day Job: Regional Recruiter – Heart of God Ministries
Interests: I love being a dad, and a husband. My greatest passions revolve around helping others get on fire to change the world.
Interesting fact: Lived for 2 years in a militant Muslim area of the world with my wife and 2 young children.

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[gn_frame align=”center”]Shad Clark[/gn_frame]

Shad Clark

Role in Challenge: Rhythm Guitarist Praise Band
Day Job: Paul’s Tree Service
Interests: Playing my guitar and writing music for God. Spending time with my family and friends.
Interesting fact: Prison is where I became free and my life began with Jesus Christ.

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[gn_frame align=”center”]Nolan Crosson[/gn_frame]

Nolan Crosson

Role in Challenge: Speaker, LIFE group leader, Facilitator, All Around Good Guy.
Day Job: Fieldman (accountant and estate/financial planner) @ Farm Management Services, Inc.
Interests: Typical country boy stuff: farming, hunting, football, basketball.
Interesting fact: I’m right handed but left foot dominant.




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Christian Challenge at CCCC
Matthew Carder, Director
2087 N. 150th Rd.
Concordia, KS 66901
Phone: (785) 289-6748