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[gn_dropcap style=”1″]C[/gn_dropcap]ampus Christian Fellowship is composed of Christian students or students interested in learning more about Christianity who meet every week during the fall and spring semesters. Their large group meeting, called BASIC, meets in the Housing Commons T.V. room every Thursday night at 9 PM and is open to all. Prayer, Bible study and sharing dominate the weekly large group meeting. The group also organizes small-group Bible studies that meet through the week, participates in a fall retreat in September, Spring Break mission trips and a variety of other campus activities. Come and get involved!


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Brian & Abby Howe

• Campus Christian Fellowship faculty advisor
• Teaching
• Small group Bible studies coordinator

• International students
• Blogging

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Clay Boepple

  • Worship Coordinator
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Pennie Bjork

  • Drama Coordinator
  • Women’s Ministry

Here’s what some graduates had to say about Campus Christian Fellowship at Barton:

“CCF was a place of rest for me. After a busy week with classes and work, CCF gave me the chance to stop, take a break and worship the Lord in the company of my peers. Our weekly meetings allowed us, as students to interact with each other on a spiritual bases, which I feel it greatly enriched my walk with the Lord as I learned more about the Lords Kingdom and his power from other students’ first-hand experience’s.” — Thoko Zulu (2008 Graduate)

“I have met so many wonderful people. I have found a genuine source of strength and encouragement. I have also found ways of growing closer to God. My faith has grown in leaps and bounds since I attended my first CCF meeting. CCF has truly been a blessing in my life.” – Lisa Beagley (2004 Graduate)

“This past year was a very positive experience.  I was able to lead a small group bible study while participating in BASIC.  Leading the small group bible study really helped me to be a stronger Christian leader.  It helped me overcome my fear of sharing my faith with others. I would encourage everyone to not only attend BASIC but also one of the small group studies.  It gives you the opportunity to make close Christian friends.” – Megan Gibson (2009 Transfer Student)

“When I went to CCF, I was unsure if it was for me. I was very shy and not sure about my faith. After regularly attending, I found that it was a fun, positive environment to strengthen your faith and share it with your peers. I met amazing friends and have unforgettable memories because of the group activities. By the end, you do become a close-knitted Christian family.” – Holly Esfeld (2010 Transfer Student)

“CCF has helped me so much these past two years at Barton.  It has helped me keep my faith and grow with faith as well as growing as a person.  ” – Brittany Osborne (2010 Graduate)

Barton Community College




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