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    Early in December we had our final Leadership

    Training event of the semester. It has been a tradition to take

    the last training event of each semester to reflect on what God

    has done and celebrate together. This is usually one of the most

    encouraging and vision casting events of the year for me and

    this semester was not different.

    As our leaders shared we found that 15 students had

    found salvation in Jesus Christ this semester! There were also

    77 other students who had the opportunity to hear a clear

    presentation of the gospel, but have not yet decided to trust in

    Jesus. Please pray that the beauty of Christ would be revealed

    to them and they would entrust their lives to be his followers.

    There are also another 85 students who have been engaged in

    spiritual conversations with students on our leadership team.

    These students have not heard the clear message of the gospel

    yet, but seem to have an interest in spiritual things. Please pray

    that they would have continued opportunities to hear more of

    who the true and living God is and how to find life in his son

    Jesus. There are also many, many more students that our

    leaders are seeking to befriend for the sake of the gospel.

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