• Campus Updates: Seeds that are Growing

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    The Fall has been an incredible time on our Kansas-Nebraska campuses. Truly many seeds are growing.

    • New Small Group Bible Studies are gathering
    • Fall conference was challenging and meaningful with over 550 attending
    • Hundreds of one-to-one discipleship appointments are occurring weekly
    • With 37 part-time or volunteer staff spread across 19 campuses, many lives are being inspired for the cause of Christ.

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     Emporia State University (ESU)

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    For our guys discipleship often happens as we are doing something active–powertools often lead to spiritual topics! Building friendships with conversation partners has been a great way for us to go deep with students from across the globe.
    Spring service projects can get a little bit messy when you are working in Montana mud. Loving people in the name of Jesus can mean meeting all kinds of needs–even building new fences.

    Fort Hays State University

    Ashleigh’s Story… From Seeds to Salvation

    I have always believed in a higher power but I haven’t ever been educated on the subject. At the beginning of this school year, a close friend from high school, Lindsey, transferred to Fort Hays State University. The day she moved in, she met Nicole. The day of the first Christian Challenge, Lindsey had mentioned to me that she was going to go and I decided that I would go with her since I didn’t have to work. After that first Challenge, Nicole contacted me and we met for coffee. After that meeting I decided that I definitely wanted to know more and would continue attending Challenge.
    A few weeks into Challenge and Nicole and others were trying to convince me to go to Fall Conference. To be honest I was definitely hesitant about going because I’m just now getting into reading the Bible and learning about Christ, so I was afraid that I wouldn’t really fit in, but Nicole kept saying I should go. I honestly couldn’t be happier that she did because it was a weekend I will never forget. I hadn’t realized that there was a weight on my heart until I stood up that last night at Fall Conference and gave my life to Jesus Christ and that weight lifted.
    That was the beginning of my walk with Christ and I can’t wait to learn more and figure out what He has planned for my life.

    University of Kansas (KU)

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    Thursday Night gathering: coming together on campus with one heart: to know Christ and make Him known Women’s Nite centered around Pride vs. Humility
    Building community around the campfire Worship Team Training: Asking God how to lead others into worship
    Fall Conference-a great time to get away from our everyday schedules and responsibilities and listen to what God wants to say to our heart

    Kansas State University (KSU)

    From Seeds to Sharing… Erin’s Story

    Erin is a sophomore on Rachel Ladenburger’s Ministry Team. Erin lives in Boyd, which is one of the girls dorms, where she leads a freshman Lifegroup. This past Sunday she brought Catie, a girl on her floor to church. After the service Catie asked if they could get together to talk about what the gospel meant and what it looked like to get baptized. This morning they met for breakfast where they talked about what it looks like to be a follower of Jesus. They plan to get together every Wednesday night to study the book of John together. So cool! Pray for Erin as she walks with Catie and that the Spirit would continue to draw Catie to Himself.

    Launch 68 Initiative: Raising Up Seed Bearers to the World[gn_table style=”3″]

    Over the last year and a half, the KSU Challenge seniors and staff have been gathering together to discuss life after college. This new ministry is being called Launch 68 which comes from Isaiah 6:8 – Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!” The goal of Launch 68 is to help students begin processing their transitions and to equip students with practical skills to be effective disciples of Jesus. Like in Isaiah, Launch 68 also wants students to willingly volunteer to take the Gospel to all places including the business world. They do all this by discussing four key areas: Expectations, Management, Assimilating, and Work or otherwise known as EMAW.
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    The KSU weekly meeting is going strong with many fresh faces. The Fire is burning at worship time.
    Greetings from KSU! Praying for God’s Move at KSU
    A “Royal” Friendship…

    Pittsburg State University (PSU)

    From Seeds to Service: Mike’s Story

    On October 11, 2014 in conjunction with Pittsburg State’s homecoming weekend, BSU/Cross Quest hosted a reunion for alumni who have been a part of the campus ministry since Mike Trent came on as director in 1991; reuniting alumni that spanned from 1991 – 2014. We were thrilled to have 35 alumni and their families join us, 55 adults and children total.  We shared a meal together, worshiped together, and shared memories with each other.  What a rich time of remembering the fellowship God provided for us in our college years and for many of us those friendships are still part of our lives 20 years or more later.

    Mike Trent and alumni Brad Courtney shared about the early years of Mike’s time on campus when often the weekly meetings were just the two of them.  The Lord has blessed Mike’s faithfulness and the staff that have come along side him over the years to pray for, disciple and invest in the lives of students at Pittsburg State.  It was wonderful as alumni to spend time with Josiah, current staff support with Mike, and his wife Amanda and to meet Rikki Miller a student who will be graduating and joining Cross Quest staff in the spring.

    We were grateful to hear where God is currently at work on campus and to learn their current needs. I am so thankful that several alumni were able to join us for a time of celebration and remembrance of our time in campus ministry and I’m hopeful we can gather again soon with even more of our friends to connect and remember and encourage.
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    Good food and good fellowship. Reuniting with old friends from Crossquest
    Sharing about what God is doing at PSU