About Us

Our Vision is to see the work of God thrive on the Kansas and Nebraska campuses and see the Great Commission fulfilled…


[gn_dropcap style=”1″ size=”3″]F[/gn_dropcap]riends is an alumni organization formed to support the work of collegiate ministries in the states of Kansas and Nebraska. In the early 1970’s Bob Anderson and Brett Yohn spearheaded & mentored Christian Challenge/BSU organizations on a number of campuses. Through the years thousands have experienced the life-changing Gospel message of faith in Christ and discipleship. As “Friends” our aim is to give back in gratitude to support the ongoing work on those campuses.

In 2013, both Bob and Brett will be retiring. This transition and milestone in fact served as an impetus for the formation of Friends. One of our first major initiatives will be to do a gala event celebrating the Lord’s work through our two brothers. We invite alumni, supporters, family, and friends from all of the Kansas-Nebraska Collegiate ministries to come and join us for that very special weekend in August of 2013.  That event will also be an opportunity to embark upon the ongoing work of Friends.

The Friends organization has been formed to accomplish several key goals:

  1. Support Christian workers on those campuses in practical and personal ways.
  2. Create awareness and support for the work and Kingdom initiatives on those campuses including expansion to new campuses.
  3. Support and sustain Biblical input and models for the edification of those campus ministries.
  4. Develop a network of alumni who will support the work of Friends and develop renewed and purposeful connection with one another.

[gn_frame align=”center”] KSU Alumni Gathering[/gn_frame] [gn_quote style=”1″]Our mission is to unite family, friends, students, staff and alumni to support the work of Christian disciple making collegiate ministries in Kansas and Nebraska.[/gn_quote]